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International logistics from Realexport ltd. – seafreight, airfreight, railfreight

Realexport ltd is an international freight agent

We can offer you the following freight forwarding services, that would save your budget:

  • Autofreight
  • Airfreight
  • Railway transport
  • Seafreight
  • Customs clearance
  • Service of contract holder and import/export outsourcing

We provide services according to all international standards. We have experience in forwarding different types of cargoes:

  • General cargo
  • Liquid and bulk cargoes
  • Small and big size

We can organize combines multi-modal transportation. We can offer you several transportation schemes but it is up to you to decide which one to choose. You want easy logistic solution of delivery youк cargo to / from Russia and CIS? Realexport is ready to help you. The modern world has its own rules and outsourcing is necessary sometimes if you want to have success. So if you need to make a logistic route, build a scheme and make customs clearance – Realexport can do it for you. Outsource it!

Time of delivery

Worried about deadlines? We always fulfill the agreed terms and dates of delivery. The advantages of using our forwarding services: 1 Large experience in the field of freight forwarding and contracts with many airlines, container lines, sea ports allows us forward your cargoes quickly. 2. Coherence in actions of all the professional involved in the process of delivery 3. We can make delivery “door-to-door” 4. We are not afraid of challenging task like multi-modal transportation and combined freight schemes. 6. Our professionals work out secure and effective transport routes 7. We provide full transparency of the delivery process i.e. our client can check the position of his cargo any time and get full information about its precise coordinates. 8. Professionalism, good reputation in customs and state bodies, good knowledge of markets. All this makes possible providing high quality services!

Ways of international transportation

International trade operations are closely connected with transportation. Freight is a part of export or import supply. There can be sea, air, auto freight. Transport is the cornerstone of international trade as it defines the terms of supply. It is a must for a contract to contain information about transportation. To avoid misunderstanding regarding transport and delivery terms International Chamber of Commerce introduced “Incoterms”.

Solution of problems connected with international transportation

International trade operators (importers and exporters) who plan shipments must find answers to many questions regarding transport. The main question however is how to minimize transportation expenses and raise the competitiveness of your products. All international trade operations can be effective only in case of faultless transportation and expedition. The supplier of goods may have some difficulty taking right decision about the best transportation solution, as it requires some background knowledge and experience. When it comes to international logistics of definite good the supplier should take into consideration several factors like time of delivery, safety, regulations, temperature regimes and cost of freight. One of the best solutions for companies who have no experience in international trade is using services of agents who can buy your goods, deliver them to the point of destination, make customs clearance etc. Realexport ltd is the leader of Russian sector of import / export operations outsourcing. We will be in charge of such questions as customs clearance, international logistics, temporary storage, cargo consolidation and freight scheme consolidation. Contact us and you will get a highly professional consultation about your particular case. We can become your reliable partner and work for the success of your business. Realexport ltd is a freight forwarder. We provide forwarding services such as freight from Russia to your country or from your country to Russia. We can offer sea freight, airfreight, railway delivery and other options.

Why you should choose Realexport?

We are experienced in logistics to / from Europe, CIS, South East Asia, Middle East, Americas. We offer to our clients:

  • We use all means of transport: sea, air, rail, auto; so we can choose the best logistic solution for our client according to his requirements;
  • We ensure all our deliveries;
  • We have our representatives in many countries of CIS and Europe so we can react quickly in any situation;
  • We are a customs broker, among our employees there are customs professional who can provide highly skilled customs clearance for import / export.
  • We have flexible prices;
  • We can take up different cargoes: lightweight, heavyweight, oversize, dangerous, short-life, mixed etc.
  • One of our advantage is that we can forward cargo of any volume
  • We consult our clients and provide with the most up-to-date information
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