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Import of goods to Russia, customs clearance of import

Import of goods

Our company takes all responsibility connected with customs clearance of imported commodities. We specialize on customs clearance and customs formalities for imported and transit cargoes, and have large experience in this. We supply goods from Aisa, European Union, CIS (former USSR) and other regions. We provide a full set of services that allow our clients to receive cargoes quickly from almost any country in the world with minimal expenses and maximum output. Our company has its representatives in different countries that allows us control the shipments, hold negotiations. In any import deal de jure importer will be Realexport ltd, whereas our client becomes de facto owner from the moment of prepayment for commodities.

Realexport is a professional solution to any question connected. Today many companies import goods to Russia and CIS (former USSR). Imported goods are the goods that are delivered to country (crossed the border) and are aimed at internal Russian customer or re-export. Some companies conduct import operations by themselves, others use services of third parties overpaying for this. Our company is providing a full set of import services from any country in the world. Thanks to Realexport any Russian company can become your customer avoiding numerous customs formalities.

Scheme of import operations

Highly professional work of our specialists will help you minimize your customs and other expenses connected with import/export. We make necessary consultations and ask for necessary documents like certificates, permits etc. beforehand. Our clients receive the needed information from our customs specialists quickly.

The scheme of work itself

  • Russian importer finds a supplier abroad by itself.
  • After agreeing of assortment and basic price they call to Realexport ltd
  • We calculate customs expenses, duties, VAT, estimate risks, find the best logistic solution and give the final price of the goods in Russia
  • We make a contract with a Russian company and its international partner
  • We buy goods from you, make delivery, customs clearance, currency control, pay duties and VAT

We sell the goods ready for distribution to your Russian customer with full set of documents The short variant of the sheme

  • Import contract
  • Payment
  • Logistics and insurance
  • Permitting documents, licences, certificates etc
  • Customs clearance
  • Payments of customs duty, VAT

Takeover of goods by your client The question of your goods safety is another concern of Realexport ltd. Upon your request we can make inquiries about your partners and estimate risks of the deal. Our specialists speak several foreign languages and can communicate without any language barrier. So we hold negotiations, discuss terms of the contract, make consultations. If you have no partners in Russia or CIS, we can make marketing analyses, check prices for your category of goods, find potential consumers and analyze possible risks. We have our representatives in many countries of the world who can help us with shipments and negotiations.

Cost of our services

Realexport ltd takes a broker’s fee for its services. It depends on many factors like:

  • cost of goods,
  • category of goods,
  • difficulty of licensing and permits
  • risks
  • amount of documentation
  • In most cases the cost of our services varies from 1000 to 3000 USD

    For more detailed information please call +7(495) 668-12-81 Moscow ext 108 +7 (812)309-71-97 St.Petersburg +7 (343) 384-56-73 Yekaterinburg +7 (351)247-95-59 Chelyabinsk or fill in the form on our website www.reaexport.ru/en You can learn what documents you need for import to Russia from our page documents for import.

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