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Export of goods from Russia, Customs clearance for export – by Realexport ltd

Export of goods with help of Realexport ltd.

Realexport is one of the leading customs brokers and transportation agents in Russia. We can deliver goods from Russia to any place in the world. Our company exports Russian goods to and imports goods from CIS (former USSR), Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, China, Poland, USA, India, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and other countries. Along with the customs clearance of the cargo we provide transport services to the final point of destination.

We can organize truck delivery, sea freight, air freight and railway transportation. Among advantages of Realexport ltd. are export operations using our contracts, i.e. we act as contract holders (agents). So our client is free from numerous formalities connected with customs clearance, certification and licensing. If the client is using direct contract with his Russian partner we can help by outsourcing of document flow, licensing and consulting during your export operation.

Realexport ltd can take all the risks connected with delivery of goods if you export using our contract. Using our international contract we free your Russian partner from customs clearance and all other formalities connected with it, certification, making international contracts, confirmation of zero VAT rate that are obligatory for exports from Russia. If you decide to export your goods from Russia by yourself, you will meet many difficulties appearing on any stage of realization of international trade contract. Even here our company can support you during all the process, beginning with gathering of the necessary documentation and certificates for customs clearance and up to delivery of the goods to the client’s door. Entrusting your export issues and problems to the professionals from Realexport ltd you obtain a great possibility of selling your goods to external markets minimizing the risks.

Structure of work with Russian companies:

If your company is a Russia resident the most often scheme of cooperation is the following:

  • A company that is a non-Russian resident plans to buy some products from Russian company. Having no possibility of supplying directly to the foreign customer the Russian company sells the goods to Realexport ltd (a simple purchase and sale transaction) acting as an agent between you and your partner; after that all the problems connected with export of goods from Russia are ours. Our professionals will make customs clearance and organize delivery of the goods. So the Russian company can sell its goods to external markets without any extra expenses for formalities.
  • Russian companies that can make export operations also can use our services. Realexport can support you during all the export process up to VAT recovery. We can prepare the full set of documents necessary for customs clearance: certificates of origin, prepare international contract with appendixes, open a contract passport. You can apply for consultation about any appearing question.

Structure of work with non-Russian resident companies:

If you are non-Russian resident you could possibly face a situation when your partner / supplier was not able to supply / export goods to you just because his enterprise has no possibility to export goods. In this case you either have to search for a new supplier or come to Russia to organize customs clearance and delivery of your goods; it leads to new expenses. We offer a completely different approach to this problem. Our company will purchase the goods from your Russian partner and sell it directly to a non-Russian resident.

Here are some advantages of working with us:

  • Making a contract with Realexport ltd you get access to products and companies all over Russia;
  • Our company will be your single exporter, so he commercial risk is minimal (nevertheless you can work with any of Russian companies);
  • Before purchase operations we check for security Russian companies, look through documentation, ask for references and send our inspections to the factories. So you can be sure that you get what you have planned.
  • We can issue the set of documents for customs clearance in 5-6 hours so the transport companies will never charge demmurage.

The set of documents for customs clearance (export): - declaration - certificate of origin - invoice with the stamps of customs - CMR (truck delivery) - bill of lading (sea freight ) - waybill (other ways of transportation) - passports for goods - additional agreements - we can consolidate several cargoes from different companies in one shipment and ship by trucks / railway / air / sea

Cost of our export services

The fee for organizing of export of Russian goods abroad usually does not exceed 1,100 USD if the cost of contract is less than 77,000 USD. If the sum of the contract is more the terms are discussed individually in each case. The fee for our services can pay either supplier or customer. This fee covers expenses for all customs clearance formalities (opening of contract passport, issue of declaration, CMR, ST-1 certificate and other supporting documents).

Export customs clearance - The way we work

Our company makes all operations connected with getting license documentation, delivery of goods, customs declaration and full customs clearance. On the first stage we sign a purchase and sell company with the Russian supplier and a contract with the foreign buyer; open a contract passport for passing currency regulations. After agreeing on prices and dates of delivery the Russian supplier issues the invoice for prepayment on the basis of which the foreign company signs an agreement regulating the terms of delivery, payment and assortment. After non-Russian resident company makes the payment according to the invoice we transfer the money to the Russian partner. After receiving the payment the supplier sends us copies of certificates and passports for his goods. They are necessary for export customs clearance. Depending on terms of delivery we can make export or import clearance and delivery by auto, air, sea transport from the warehouse of the supplier to the doors of the customer’s warehouse. Usually the issue of customs declaration takes not more than 5-6 hours.

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