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Customs clearance of export consignments by Realexport

If you export goods from Russia you will need customs clearance. If it is performed by professionals – it leads to stable development of international trade activity. Correct work in the field of declaration of export consignments is the key to fulfillment of your plans. Professionalism, quality and fulfillment of local and international laws are the basic values of our services, that will also help you to develop your business, have a reputation of a good partner.

There is a common opinion that cusoms clearance is connected with lots of problems, but is it not a must. Of course there is a lot of paperwork: preparation of necessary documentation, company registration, conclusion of contracts, study of laws and regulations, personal presence of company representative – all this can seem scary to a Russian businessman starting work in this sphere. But you should not make fast conclusions about this, because customs services that are provided in the right way according to all laws can help not only avoid problems but also can provide positive effect and help to increase you profit from opening world’s markets. That is why knowledge of export laws and regulations is a powerful tool in the hands of a wise manager.

Realexport has the license and technical possibility of declaration of goods in most Russian cities. Our team consists of highly qualified customs specialists who can offer you the best solution for customs clearance.

Customs clearance of import consignments

Crossing the border of Russia any cargo needs declaration. Depending on the type of cargo and the sphere of goods usage different customs regimes may be applied. We take full responsibility of the cargo making customs clearance of imported goods. Our highly qualified team for many years provides professional help with import and transit consignments. We provide our services quickly that will help you receive your goods in the shortest possible time and without additional expenses.

Professional cargo declaration by Realexport is a professional solution of all your questions connected with customs control. Some companies have a possibility of making importing operations by themselves, some of companies use services of third parties, paying extra funds for their services. Our prices for customs services are one of the best in this field.

Cost and terms of customs clearance by Realexport

Cost of customs clearance services may the main criteria choosing the customs broker. We provide full set of services including not only declaration itself but optimization of payments, expedition, cargo insurance and may others. You will see that our help and assistance will bring positive effect to timeframes of customs clearance. We check all the documents and guarantee correct performance of paperwork.

Consignors and consignees sometimes lack experience in the field of customs clearance that is why it is better to use our services to make the rational decision. The ultimate importance here is a fulfillment of all laws and regulations during the process of declaration. We can be proud of having positive experience and testimonials from respected clients. As a customs broker we use miscellaneous legitimate ways of optimization of customs payments. By minimization of expenses you can reduce the final price for your goods that makes your business more profitable. Work with us is effective and convenient.

Electronic declaring

Our company offers you assistance in transit of any types of goods through customs terminal. Our professionals will prepare all the documentation, take care of customs clearance, declaration of price, payment of customs duties. We use electronic declaring by means of the Internet. Thanks to wide spread of Internet technologies and technical possibility of electronic declaring we provide the services of distance declaration operations. The peculiarity of this procedure is that all documents for customs clearance are provided in the electronic form.

This type of declaring has several advantages:

  • Full transparency of the process
  • No need of paper documents
  • Optimization of customs control
  • Increase in time of customs procedures.

Today our clients may enjoy the possibility of usage safe and well worked out system that helps to make the customs clearance easier. Using electronic declaring you can save both time and money. Our large experience help us providing effective assistance to our partners, choose the right customs regime, make certificates and other permission documentation etc. we provide you the calculation of customs payments and duties, make registration on your customs post.

Our mission is to provide professional customs services for good prices. We are noted for fast work and reliable services. We help your business develop!

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