At present our company provides the following services:

skoba.gifExport of goods from Russia to CIS countries, Europe, Near and Far Abroad.. new_icon.jpg 
«LLC "Realeksport» - the leader in the provision of customs and transport services in the export of goods from Russia to anywhere in the world. Our company carries out regular export of various goods from Russia to CIS countries, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, China, Poland, USA, India, UAE, Holland, Sweden and many other countries ...>>>  

skoba.gifCustoms services in export and import of the goods. .
"Realexport" Ltd. offers various customs services in registration сargoes delivered for import and export. Customs services at registration of cargoes is an important stage at realization of the external economic transaction and the analysis of the market of foreign trade activities. We guarantee maintenance of the obligations taken on on realization of customs operations in the foreign trade activities market 
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skoba.gifImport of the goods to Russia from the countries of Asia, the countries of the European Union, the CIS countries. .
Our company assumes overall responsibility on realization of complex customs clearing of inward cargoes. Experts of our company throughout long years render customs services in registration of import and transit cargoes. Our company has got a wide experience of deliveries from the countries of Asia, the countries of the European Union, the CIS countries and other countries..
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skoba.gifForeign trade activities outsourcing.. new_icon.jpg  
 "Realexport" Ltd. offers service outsourcing of foreign trade activities for those companies which are going to sell the goods for export to other countries, or to buy production from foreign manufacturers. Foreign trade activities services offered by our company, allow actually any Russian company to buy and sell the goods in a foreign market without being afraid of risks in the foreign trade activity
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skoba.gifThe international cargo transportation.
Our company provides a complex of services in realization of the international cargo transportation, customs clearances of cargoes in the CIS countries. We deliver cargoes in the countries of Asia, the country of the European Union, the CIS country. "Realexport" Ltd. can deliver cargoes by automobile and avia and by rail, including container transportations...
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skoba.gifDelivery of corrosion-proof metal rolling.  new_icon.jpg
Our company is the business partner of the largest company engaged to metal rolling sale "AISISteel", has possibility to deliver on the Russian market corrosion-proof metal rolling in following assortment: sheet, a circle, a square, tubes welded and seamless round, tubes cross-sectional welded etc.>>>